Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups provide a vehicle for ALISE members to share ideas, plans, news, and opinions related to a particular area of interest. The groups are distinct from the usual committee structure in that participation is voluntary rather than appointive, and there is no obligation to produce anything. Special Interest Groups can parallel ALISE Standing Committees, but the two serve distinct functions and should guard against confusing these functions. Members of Standing Committees are appointed and are charged with specific tasks. Special Interest Groups are encouraged to hold discussion meetings for the exchange of ideas.

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Information for SIG Conveners

Annual SIG Report Submission

Roles and Responsibilities Cluster

Doctoral Student


Vanessa Kitzie

Diana Floegel

Part-time and Adjunct Faculty


Michael Crumpton



Teaching and Learning Cluster


The Curriculum SIG focuses on Library and Information Science (LIS) curriculum.


YooJin Ha

Linda Lillard

Innovative Pedagogies

The goal of the Innovative Pedagogies SIG is to facilitate discussion and to provide a space where like minded individuals can come together to share/showcase novel approaches to pedagogy that are easy to replicate/utilize in the classroom and practice.


Shari Lee

Renate Chancellor

Topics and Courses Cluster

Archival/Preservation Education

The Archival / Preservation Education (ArchiPrEd) SIG aims to support archival educators in particular with their pedagogical and curricular activities.

Sarah A. Buchanan

Disabilities in LIS

Founded in 2019, the Disability and Inclusion Special Interest Group of the Association for Library and Information Science Education is dedicated to addressing gaps and deficiencies in the state of disability inclusion in library and information science. 

Keren Dali

Michelle Hahn

Andrew Smith

Equity and Social Justice

The Equity and Social Justice SIG explores the state of affairs in ethnic, multicultural and humanistic concerns in LIS. The SIG has also expanded to create and promote discussions and activities related to social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and their role in the larger LIS profession.



Nicole A. Cooke

Monica Colon-Aguirre

Amelia Gibson

Gender Issues


Travis Wagner


The Health SIG seeks to provide a collaborative forum for ALISE members to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise related to various health contexts.


Deborah H. Charbonneau

Margaret Zimmerman

Emily Vardell

Historical Perspectives

The Historical Perspectives SIG's purpose is to provide a space for teaching and scholarship related to historical aspects of librarianship, archives, and/or information, writ large.


LaVerne Gray

Aisha Johnson-Jones

Information Ethics

The Information Ethics SIG advocates for and discusses information ethics, data ethics, related policy issues, and emerging ethical concerns.

Kyle M. L. Jones

Information Policy

The Information Policy SIG promotes and supports research on, and teaching about, information policy in the field of library and information science and the implementation and advocacy of information policy in library and information organizations and institutions. Information policy encompasses laws and policies related to the creation, use, storage, access, and dissemination of information.


Margaret Zimmerman


International Library Education

The International Library Education SIG brings together ALISE members and LIS scholars interested in international and comparative librarianship. Members are committed to integrating international issues in LIS curriculum, identifying possibly global collaborations and partnerships, developing common understandings of LIS principles and practices, and providing students rich experiences like study abroad, exchange programs and international courses.


Lisa Hussey

School Library Media

The School Library Media SIG brings school library professionals together to discuss and share information about current research and practices important to school librarianship.

Rebecca Morris

Jennifer Luetkemeyer

Technical Services Education

The Technical Services Education SIG aims to provide information on current issues and trends in technical services education.


Karen Snow

Brian Dobreski

Heather Moulaison Sandy

Youth Services

The mission of ALISE is to promote innovation and excellence in research, teaching and service for educators and scholars in Library and Information Science and cognate disciplines through leadership, collaboration, advocacy and knowledge creation.

Natalie Taylor

Rachel Magee