Doctoral Posters

1. Cindy Welch
At the Intersection of Technology and Librarianship: Librarians and Early Radio Broadcasting
2. Rachel A. Fleming-May
Use: The Discursive Construction of a Concept and a Typology of its Application in the Literature of Library and Information Science.
3. Stephanie A. Jones
The Occupational Choice of School Library Media Specialists
5. Charles Kamau Maina
The traditional knowledge protection debate: engaging the knowledge holders
6. Wilhelm Peekhaus
Canada’s Biotechnology Strategy: The New Enclosure of Biotechnology within the ‘Social Factory’
  8. Sheri Edwards
The Influence of Academic Expectations on the Career Choices of Students Enrolled in a Library and Information Science Graduate Program
9. Renate Chancellor
Authentic Voices: Using Oral History as a Method to Study E.J. Josey
10. Mara Esteva
Appraisal of a Natural Electronic Archive
11. Donghee Sinn
Records and the Understanding of Violent Events: Archival Documentation, Historical Perception, and the No Gun Ri Massacre in the Korean War
12. Marta L. Magnuson
Use of Electronic Grey Literature in Women’s Studies Collections at Academic Libraries
13. Shari Lee
Teen Space: Designed for Whom
14. Sarah Young Park
All Look Same? Chinese & Korean Transracial/Transnational Adoption in American Children’s Books
15. Minjie Chen
The Sino-Japanese War in American Juvenile Fiction: Forgotten War and Forgotten Books
16. Jenny S. Bossaller
“One Read: A Case Study of New Adult Readers’ Participation in a Community Reading Program”
17. Jenna  Hartel
Enthusiasts and their Documents: A Case Study in the Hobby of Gourmet Cooking
18. Christopher Thomas Hart
Exploring the information-seeking behavior of the staff and students of the Florida Virtual School
19. Yolanda Jones
“Just the Facts Ma’am?” A Contextual Approach to the Legal Information Use Environment
20. Yang Lu
Use of Social Networks in Everyday Information Seeking and Use: A Study of International Chinese Graduate Students in the United States
21. T. Patrick Milas
The Role of Faith in Information Behavior: A Study of Theology Research
22. Valerie Nesset
The information behavior of grade-three students in the context of a class project.
23. Daniel R. Roland
Relating Faith to the Modern World: A study of a clergy member's sense making behavior in preparing the Sunday sermon
24. Tiffany Veinot
HIV/AIDS Information Exchange in Rural Communities: A Mixed Methods Study of Social Capital in Rural Ontario, British Columbia and Newfoundland
25. Nikhil Sharma
Sensemaking Handoff in Computer Support Helpdesks
26. Yejun Wu
Characterizing Attitudes in Multilingual Document Collections
27. Ying-Hsang Liu
The Impact of MeSH Terms on Information Seeking Effectiveness
28. Yan Wu
Affordances of External Representations in Instructional Design: The effect of narrative and imagery in learning
29. YooJin Ha
Implications of User Issues When Gaining Access to Non-English Information
30. Changwoo Yang
Cultural variation in eye movements on a Web page between Americans and Koreans
31. Mott Linn
The Budget Planning Process in Higher Education: Evaluating Administrators’ Micropolitical Strategies.
32. Miriam Matteson
The Impact of Group Interaction on Shared Cognition: An Analysis of Small Group Communication