Programming Committee

Terms of Reference:

Serve as the key contributors to capturing relevant speakers and content and overall professional development planning assistance for the association throughout the year.

Strive to support the speaker selection and programming efforts as directed by the ALISE Executive Director.

Develop and executive on plans to accomplish the goals outlined in the ALISE Strategic Plan on matters related to programming.

The committee supports speaker identification and content for the following events:

  • ALISE Leadership Academy
  • ALISE Webinar Series
  • Other education and networking events as designated by the Board of Directors

The committee is not responsible for the programming of the ALISE Annual Conference. The responsible party is the Conference Program Planning Committee


Waseem Afzal, Charles Sturt University

Vice Chair:

Colin Post, University of North Carolina Greensboro


Nitzan Koren, University of Maryland
Allison Jennings-Roche, University of Maryland & Towson University

Board Liaison:

Xiaohua Awa Zhu, University of Tennessee