Committee Chair Resources

Committee Reports

Report Schedule: Committee reports are due three times a year

  • Spring report due April 5
  • Fall report due September 7
  • Final report (for the Annual Conference) due January 7

Past committee reports (Jan 2012-May 2014 available)

Current committee report online submission form 

Helpful Hints  

Committee Orientation: On the Tuesday afternoon of each ALISE Annual Conference, a Leaders Orientation is hosted by the Board of Directors.  Please make your arrangements to attend this event and invite your committee members to join you.  You will meet your board liaison, and learn about policies and procedures.  We also invite all former committee chairs since this will give them an opportunity to share the knowledge they have gained during the last year. 

Face-to-Face Committee Meetings: On the Tuesday of each ALISE Annual Conference (after the Leaders Orientation), a time slot is set aside for ALISE Committee Meetings.  This is your time to meet your committee members, review the minimum expectations, and make your plans for the coming year.   Please notify headquarters if you plan to host a committee meeting during this time. 

Committee chairs may utilize ALISE's GotoMeeting account for conference calls with your committee members. To access the conference line details, please contact the ALISE office at [email protected]

Consult with Former Chairs: Whether you meet at the Leaders Orientation, at the ALISE Annual Conference, or via other communication tools, it is highly recommended that you get in contact with the former chair to learn about what worked and what didn't work during their term as chair.  It is also a good idea to secure documents used during their year as chair (i.e. - award calls, letters to award winners, etc). 

Active Engagement: The ALISE Board would like to encourage chairs and their committees to pursue a year of active engagement.  Please feel free to be creative in how you work with your committee. Use Skype, email, conference calling, set up a wiki, and explore other avenues for discussion and committee work.  If you need help with devising a plan for communications and committee work, please feel free to contact your board liaison and ALISE headquarters. 

Award Procedure

  1. Official ALISE Awards Procedures 
  2. Meet with your committee: The ALISE Annual Conference is a wonderful place to meet your committee members and plan your work for the year. Each year a time slot on Tuesday is set aside for committee meetings.  This is also a good time to become familiar with the award, its criteria, and the nomination/proposal process. If you can't meet at the Conference, please feel free to meet via email, conference call or other avenues of communication.

  3. Market the Award: First thing to do is to verify that all information on the is correct.  Then create a standard message and work with your committee to send it out on a variety of listservs.  Don't forget to use the ALISE online directory to reach ALISE members.  Please feel free to be creative to reach as many people as possible.  Also, refer to the Awards and Honors: Strategies for Generating Nomination document.

  4. Select a Winner: Work with your committee to select a winner.

  5. Report to the Board: For the Fall Board of Directors Meeting, turn in your Committee Report Submission Form (see above) listing the winner.  Please see the Reports Schedule above for your due date.  If the winner will not be selected in time for the Fall board meeting, please do let headquarters and your board liaison know when you intend to have a winner selected.  The board can confirm via email.

  6. Board Confirmation: At the Fall board meeting, the board will confirm the winner.  You will then be notified by your board liaison of this confirmation. 

  7. Notifying the Winner: Now you can contact the winner.

  8. Contact Headquarters: Then inform headquarters that the winner is aware of their award.  Once headquarters has been informed by all award committee chairs, we will send out the awards announcement to the ALISE membership.  The winners will also be added to

  9. Contacting those who did not win:

    • Research Competitions: The Chair will notify the authors whose submissions were not accepted for an award and will include in these letters a synopsis of the results of the evaluation. The Chair may, if deemed appropriate, send copies of the Committee's reviews of the author's work to the author.

    • ALISE Awards and Annual Conference Honors: Those who submitted the nomination applications for those who did not win should be contacted by the award committee chair.
  10. After the Award Winners are Announced: At this time, others may make additional announcements.

  11. The Awards Program Brochure: Once the winner has been notified, please send headquarters information regarding the winner for the awards program brochure.   Here is an example of what to include: 2012 ALISE Awards Brochure 

  12. Award Submission Paperwork:
    • Winner Applications and Nominations are to be forwarded to ALISE Headquarters for archive purposes.
    • Non-winner applications and nominations are to be destroyed.  A list of non-winners should be sent to the next years chair for recording keeping purposes.
  13. Awards Luncheon at the ALISE Annual Conference: Please let headquarters know if the winner will be attending the Awards Luncheon at the ALISE Annual Conference. See the Annual Conference website for the Awards Luncheon schedule.