ALISE Strategic Plan 2017-2020


In an era of rapid change, the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) remains steadfast in its commitment to serve as the international leader in both education practice and research for established and emerging career opportunities in the information professions. To remain relevant and a vital part of library and information science education, the 2017-20 ALISE Strategic Plan has been crafted to address four strategic directions to meet the needs of existing and future members by expanding ALISE’s leading role in excellence in library and information science education scholarship and practice, while adhering to sound fiscal and management practices.

Our Vision

ALISE is the global voice of library and information science education.

Our Mission

ALISE leads innovative and high quality research, teaching, and service for educators and scholars in library and information science and cognate disciplines internationally through engagement, advocacy, and knowledge creation and dissemination.

Strategic Direction 1: Lead in the highest quality library and information science education and research.

1.1 Apply for JELIS inclusion in SCOPUS and Web of Science indexing.

1.2 Improve the ranking and impact factor of JELIS.

1.3 Implement refereed conference proceedings by 2018.

1.4 Provide at least one session annually through the annual conference or webinars with a focus on new educator career development.

1.5 Offer regular session(s) with a focus on program leadership (dean, director, chair) development.

Strategic Direction 2: Promote pedagogical excellence and innovation at all levels of education.

2.1 Spotlight innovative pedagogies at the annual conference, on the ALISE website or social media, and via webinars.

2.2 Engage educators in undergraduate and graduate programs of cognate disciplines (for example archivists, museum and cultural heritage institutions, knowledge management, information architecture, and data stewardship) by developing relationships to promote education and research.

2.3 Engage educators in undergraduate and diploma library and information science programs.

Strategic Direction 3: Expand and grow the membership base.

3.1 Increase the number of sponsored research grants and awards.

3.2 Annually evaluate and update membership growth strategies.

3.3 Increase membership by 5% annually.

3.4 Grow international membership by 5% annually.

Strategic Direction 4: Effectively manage the fiscal operation of ALISE.

4.1 Maintain a balanced budget with at least $300K in reserves.

4.2 Increase annual sponsorship income by 5%.

4.3 Generate at least $500 annually from professional development activities.