Candidate for Secretary/Treasurer:

Shimelis AssefaDr. Shimelis Assefa
Associate Professor
University of Denver, USA

Candidate's Statement:
I am delighted to run for ALISE Secretary/Treasurer position. Working with  board members and the executive director, I will ensure appropriate reports are prepared and communicated regarding budget and financial activities of ALISE. In this capacity, my chief role will be to promote transparency with the board and members at large by aligning budget work with the priorities, strategic plan, mission, and vision of ALISE.

I have been a member of ALISE for a long time since my time as a doctoral student in mid-2000. I support the vision and mission of ALISE as a global leader to advance high quality education for the information profession. In the past, I served as co-chair of the 2018 ALISE Annual Conference and as chair of ALISE Excellence in Teaching Award, 2019-2020. At a time when information undergirds every facet of our work and life, there is no more gratifying cause than joining the Board of Directors of a professional organization that is in the forefront of charting such a direction. If I have the honor of serving ALISE under this capacity, I will build on previous processes and methods to prepare reports, keep timely records, and communicate the same – so the financial health of ALISE stays strong. One of the four 2021-2025 strategic plan directions approved on October 1, 2020, Strategic Direction 4: ALISE embraces innovative, strategic and effective association management practices, more specifically – Objective 4.1: Enhance profitability and predictability of revenue streams to ensure operations are sustainable and support the needs of the organization – are exciting platforms for me to build on previous accomplishments.

Dr. Shimelis Assefa is Associate Professor in the Department of Research Methods and Information Science at the Morgridge College of Education, University of Denver. He teaches graduate courses in the area of information science and technology including database management systems, data visualization, information access and retrieval, library and information technology, usability, web content management, and information architecture. His research interests include diffusion of knowledge and innovation, knowledge production, innovation systems, and data for development.


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