ALISE Annual Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Be part of the celebration and have a chance to network with nearly 500 LIS professionals as ALISE turns 100. Exhibitors and sponsors have the chance to engage with select, qualified library and information science educators, ranging from deans to faculty, administrators to doctoral students.  Your message will reach the library and information science professionals who are influencing the decisions within their universities.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for you to be a part of the celebration. ALISE offers several affordable sponsorship opportunities. Don’t see an opportunity that appeals to you? Send us an email and we will tailor-make a marketing opportunity that meets your needs. 

For more details about the benefits of being a sponsor, please see Benefits of Being an ALISE Conference Sponsor.

Partial & customized sponsorships are available. Please contact Carol Dole or Rebecca Dietz for details!

Online sales are now closed. If you are interested in purchasing a sponsorship, please contact Carol or Rebecca

*Sponsorships that are crossed out have been sold!

ALISE Champion ($5,000 per item)

ALISE unCommons:  An exciting new way to network, share and collaborate. The unCommons will be a gathering point where colleagues and contemporaries can meet, share ideas, brainstorm and network. Meet in the unCommons for an impromptu presentation, one-on-one meeting, or lively debate!

 ALISE unConference:  Sponsor an interactive 2 hour session focused on some of the most critical topics facing LIS professionals. 

Community [email protected]:  Community [email protected] is a space for ALISE members to connect with social justice organizations and each other to create and innovate solutions to advance the organizations' missions. ALISE members will have the opportunity to propose collaborative solutions for a competitive micro-grant.

Opening Keynote Session:  Be the name sponsor of the opening session and keynote address for the ALISE 2015 Annual Conference. You will be recognized and thanked for being a key supporter in bringing quality education to LIS professionals.

ALISE President’s Circle ($2,500 per item)

Internet Café: Sponsor ALISE’s Internet Café where people can go check on emails, surf the internet or take care of a business “emergency.” Located within the ALISE unCommons room, your name and logo will be seen by hundreds each day.

Morning and Afternoon Coffee Breaks: Sponsor one or more of three morning and two afternoon coffee breaks. You will be recognized with signage and recognition throughout the event and attendees will appreciate the warm pick-me-up.

Opening Reception & Works in Progress Poster Session:  Be the title sponsor of the event that kicks it all off, the ALISE 2015 Opening Reception and Works in Progress Poster Session.  Make a splash by being the first to welcome attendees to the conference.

Awards Reception A highlight of the conference, the 2015 Awards Reception and ALISE Centennial Celebration is where we honor some of the top professionals in our field.  Be a co-sponsor of this event and help bestow the accolades upon the best and brightest!


ALISE Partner ($1,500 per item)

Conference Tote Bags: Let everyone see your name throughout the conference by sponsoring the conference totes.  Enjoy high visibility at a very competitive rate.

Awards and Centennial Celebration Entertainment:  With your donation, ALISE’s disc jockey will make sure everyone knows who was so generous to help us dance the night away.

Sponsor an International Presenter at ALISE 2015:  This sponsorship provides a stipend to an international presenter at the conference, allowing us to hear, discuss, and learn about a more broad array of topics and challenges.


ALISE Associate ($1,000 per item)

Conference Lanyards: Hang your name around every attendee’s neck with the sponsorship of the conference lanyards. Brand this item and leave a memorable impression on our guests.

First Timer’s Breakfast: Welcome first-time ALISE Annual Conference attendees, while introducing them to your institution and enjoying a nice breakfast.

School Representatives’ Breakfast: Be the title sponsor of this annual breakfast for members of the academic community.

Sponsor a Doctoral Student:  Provide a scholarship to a deserving doctoral student who otherwise may not afford to attend the conference otherwise.  Help boost our industry by supporting our newer members.


ALISE Supporter ($500 per item)

Conference Lanyards: Hang your name around every attendee’s neck with the sponsorship of conference lanyards.

Placement Center: Be one of four sponsors to put your name on the rooms and events surrounding the facilitation of interviews, job searches and recruitment. 

Conference Registration for Doctoral Students:  Support doctoral students by contributing to a scholarship fund to cover their registration to attend ALISE 2015.

Add a promotional item to the ALISE Conference tote: Spread your word to every attendee immediately upon conference check-in.

President’s Program: Help support the President’s Program, a special session held on Friday morning with an international appeal.


Benefits of Being an ALISE Conference Sponsor

Conference sponsorship includes:

  • listing on ALISE 2015 conference website;
  • listing on conference sponsor signage at the event;
  • thank you by President during the ALISE Business Meeting;
  • listing on ALISE 2015 conference sponsor page in the ALISE 2015 official program book; and
  • sponsor sign and recognition at the specific event being sponsored


See also other opportunities: advertising in conference program and exhibiting at the conference.