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What ALISE Members* are doing at IFLA 2011 –San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Sunday, August 13


Canada Caucus


USA Caucus

20:00 (8pm)

ALISE/MLA Dutch Treat Dinner

All ALISE and MLA members are invited to attend.  To be a part of this event, please contact Kathleen Combs, ALISE Executive Director, at


Sunday, August 14


Opening Session


Information Systems for Indigenous Knowledge in agriculture – Agriculture Libraries Special Interest Group

Indigenous Knowledge in agriculture: American Indian tribes and Māori communities support indigenous agricultural lifeway’s

Loriene Roy (University of Texas, Austin)


Exhibition Opening and Opening Party


Monday, August 15


Data Collection in the service of libraries

Library Theory and Research Section with Statistics and Evaluation

Researching data sets to develop State Library standards

Lesley Farmer (California State University)

Attaining information literacy: evaluating a theory and research based education intervention

Melissa Gross and Don Latham (Florida State University)

Mapping the education of rural librarians technology literacy and management training: use of mixed data collection methods in the ITRL program

Bharat Mehra, Kimberly Black, Vandana Singh (University of Tennessee)

The Importance of Information literacy for multicultural populations: needs, strategies, programs, and the role of libraries

Information Literacy section with Library Services to Multicultural Populations and the  Special Interest Group on Indigenous  Matters

Indigenous Cultural Models in Information Literacy delivery including programmes for Maori and Pasifika students at New Zealand Universities

Loriene Roy (University of Texas at Austin)

Information literacy is a two-way street

Denice Adkins and Brooke Shannon (University of Missouri)


Beyond the United Nations Decade of Literacy: What libraries can do

Literacy and Reading Section with National Libraries

The role of the library in supporting the emerging literacy of adolescents: a trans literacy approach to summer reading

Carol Gordon (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)

From literacy to inquiry: a holistic approach to literacy development in selected Australian Schools

Ross Todd (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)


Tuesday, August 16


Internships and Placements for the New Information Society

Education and Training

Four “I”s of Internships for The New Information Society: Intentional, Interconnected, Interdisciplinary and International

Nora J. Bird, Clara Chu, and Fatih Oguz (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)


Vision 2020: innovative policies, services and tools

Management and Marketing Section with Academic and Research Libraries

Understanding demonstrating, and communicating value: the leadership and management challenge

Lisa Hinchliff (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a strategy to build strong libraries and library associations

Continuing Professional Development and workplace Learning Section with Management of Library Associations

Fifty Ways to Conduct Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning: on a shoestring

Blanch Woolls (San Jose State University)

Developing Leadership Competencies in Librarians

Mary Wilkins-Jordan (Simmons College)


e-Government: the role of libraries

Government Information and Official Publications Section with Government Libraries

Gov. Docs Kids Group and Free Government Information

Tom Adamich (Visiting Library Service)


Student access to new and emerging technologies

School Libraries and Resources Centers Section

Directing the Digital Moral Compass Teaching Digital Citizenship

Lesley Farmer (California State University)


Thursday, August 18


Innovative Information Services in the digital environment

Reference and Information Services Section

Innovation In Changing Times: Two New Approaches to User Services

Marianne Ryan (Northwestern University)


Weaving continuing professional development into every library organization

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section

Professional Development 2.0 for Librarian: Developing an Online Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Nicole Cooke (Rutgers University)


Education for digital curation

Education and Training Section with Preservation and Conversation Information Technology:

Co – Sponsored by ICA Section for Archival Education and Training

Out of Classroom and Into The Laboratory: Teaching Digital Curation Virtually and Experientially

Ross Harvey and Jeanette Bastian (Simmons College)


Activities in Indigenous Library Services in 2010-2011

Indigenous Matters Special Interest Group

Highlights in Indigenous Librarianship, 2010-2011

Loriene Roy (University of Texas at Austin)



*If we left out any sessions that an ALISE member is participating in, please let us know so that we may update the schedule.  Any changes should be referred to Kathleen Combs, ALISE Executive Director at




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