The Association now known as the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) was founded as the Association of American Library Schools. The original association grew out of a series of informal meetings of library school faculty at American Library Association conferences which was known as the Round Table of Library School Instructors. The Round Table voted in 1915 to form a permanent organization and to be identified as the Association of American Library Schools. The Association has provided a forum for library educators to share ideas, to discuss issues, and to seek solutions to common problems. In 1983, the Association changed its name to its present form to reflect more accurately the mission, goals, and membership of the Association.

Former Presidents

  • 2013/14 Eileen Abels, Simmons College
    2012/13 Melissa Gross, Florida State University
    2011/12 Lynne C. Howarth, University of Toronto

    2010/11 Lorna Peterson, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
    2009/10 Linda Smith, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    2008/09 Michele V. Cloonan, Simmons College
    2007/08 Connie Van Fleet, University of Oklahoma
    2006/07 John Budd, University of Missouri - Columbia
    2005/06 Ken Haycock, San Jose State University
    2003/05 Louise S. Robbins, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    2002/03 Elizabeth Aversa, University of Tennessee
    2001/02 Prudence Dalrymple, Dominican University
    2000/01 Jim Matarazzo, Simmons College
    1999/00 Shirley Fitzgibbons, Indiana University
    1998/99 Shirley Fitzgibbons, Indiana University
    1997/98 Toni Carbo, University of Pittsburgh
    1996/97 Joan C. Durrance, University of Michigan
    1995/96 June Lester, University of Oklahoma
    1994/95 Charles Curran, University of South Carolina
    1993/94 Timothy W. Sineath, University of Kentucky
    1992/93 Adele Fasick, University of Toronto
    1991/92 Evelyn Daniel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    1990/91 Phyllis Van Orden, Florida State University
    1989/90 Miles M. Jackson, University of Hawaii at Manoa
    1988/89 Leigh Estabrook, University of Illinois
    1987/88 Kathleen M. Heim(Kathleen de la Peña McCook), Louisiana State University
    1986/87 Ann Prentice, University of Tennessee
    1985/86 Norman Horrocks, Dalhousie University
    1984/85 Jane B. Robbins, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    1983/84 Robert D. Stueart, Simmons College

    1982/83 F. William Summers, University of South Carolina
    1981/82 Harold Goldstein, Florida State University
    1980/81 Charles A. Bunge, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    1979/80 Genevieve Casey, Wayne State University
    1978/79 Gary R. Purcell, University of Tennessee

    1977/78 Margaret K. Goggin, University of Denver
    1976/77 Guy Garrison, Drexel University
    1975/76 Kenneth E. Vance, University of Michigan
    1974/75 Elizabeth W. Stone, Catholic University

    1973/74 R. Brian Land, University of Toronto
    1972/73 Thomas Slavens, University of Michigan
    1971/72 Margaret Monroe, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    1970/71 Patricia B. Knapp, Wayne State University
    1969/70 Rev. James J. Kortendick, Catholic University
    1968/69 Samuel Rothstein, University of British Columbia
    1967/68 Virginia Lacy Jones, Atlanta University
    1966/67 LeRoy C. Merritt, University of California
    1965/66 L. Dorothy Bevis, University of Washington
    1964/65 Jesse H. Shera, Case Western Reserve University
    1963/64 Wayne Yenawine, Syracuse University
    1961/62 Martha Boaz, University of Southern California
    1960/61 Edward A. Wight, University of California, Berkeley

    1959/60 David K. Berninghausen, University of Minnesota
    1958/59 Esther Stallmann, University of Texas
    1957/58 Lowell A. Martin, Rutgers University
    1956/57 Frances N. Cheney, Peabody University
    1955/56 Harold Lancour, University of Illinois
    1954/55 Louise LeFevre, Western Michigan University
    1953/54 Carl Melinat, Syracuse University
    1952/53 C. Irene Hayner, University of Minnesota
    1951/52 Rose B. Phelps, University of Illinois
    1950/51 Wayne Shirley, Pratt Institute
    1949/50 J. Periam Danton, University of California, Berkeley

    1948/49 Rudolph H. Gjelness, University of Michigan
    1947/48 George C. Allez, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    1946/47 Florrinell F. Morton, Louisiana State University
    1945/46 Anne M. Boyd, University of Illinois
    1944/45 Alice Higgins, New Jersey
    1943/44 Frances H. Kelly, Carnegie Institute of Technology
    1942/43 Leon Carnovsky, University of Chicago
    1941/42 Herman H. Henkle, Simmons College
    1940/41 Lucie E. Fay, Columbia
    1939/40 Tommie Dora Barker, Emory
    1938/39 Louis R. Wilson, Chicago
    1937/38 Harriet E. Howe, Denver
    1936/37 Ethel M. Fair, New Jersey

    1935/36 Ralph Munn, Carnegie Institute of Technology
    1934/35 Phineas L. Windsor, Illinois
    1933/34 Sydney B. Mitchell, California
    1932/33 Arthur E. Bostwick, St. Louis Public
    1931/32 Clara E. Howard, Emory
    1930/31 Charles C. Williamson, Columbia
    1929/30 Charles C. Williamson, Columbia
    1928/29 June R. Donnelly, Simmons College
    1927/28 Josephine A. Rathbone, Pratt
    1926/27 Phineas L. Windsor, Illinois
    1925/26 Wlliam E. Henry, Washington
    1924/25 Susie Lee Crumley, Carnegie (Atlanta)
    1923/24 Harriet P. Sawyer, St. Louis Public
    1922/23 Ernest J. Reece, New York Public
    1921/22 Phineas L. Windsor, Illinois
    1920/21 Josephine A. Rathbone, Pratt
    1919/20 Frank K. Walter, New York State
    1918/19 Alice S. Tyler, Western Reserve
    1917/18 Sarah C. N. Bogle, Carnegie Institute (Pittsburgh)
    1916/17 June R. Donnelly, Simmons College
    1915/16 James I. Wyer, New York State