ALISE Diversity Travel Award to the ALISE Annual Conference 

This conference travel grant aims to increase diversity in LIS education/research, and was awarded for the first time at the 2015 ALISE Annual Conference. It provides the opportunity to an individual who wishes to address issues of diversity through doctoral study or teaching as adjuncts to gain exposure to and network with LIS educators, scholars and doctoral students.  The award continues ALISE’s commitment to diversity, following its adoption of the ALISE Diversity Statement at the 2013 ALISE Conference. 

This award is complementary to the ALA Spectrum Travel Award to the ALISE Conference, which is an award created by the American Library Association, and for which ALISE is a co-sponsor. The ALA award has the same aims and is open to Spectrum alumni whose experiences, research interests and professional goals align with ALISE's diversity principles. Applications for this grant/award are reviewed by the three current at-large members of the ALISE Board of Directors.

The ALISE Diversity Travel Award recipient will receive:

  • A stipend of $750 (U.S.) that may defray lodging and meal expenses during the conference
  • Complimentary conference registration
  • A complimentary one-year membership
  • A certificate at the ALISE awards ceremony

The award recipient’s school or organization is asked to help with travel costs.

Awardee Commitment Guidelines:

1.     Assisting and attending the Multicultural, Ethnic, and Humanistic Concerns SIG program and meeting.
2.     Commits to an additional 5 hours of ALISE activities which may include: Assisting with conference registration (as schedules permit); Assisting with major sessions; assist with business meeting, attend a board meeting, etc.
3.     Is highly encouraged to participate in the ALISE Work In-Progress Poster Session.
4.     Engages with an assigned conference buddy during the conference.
5.     Writes a 750-word article about their conference experiences for use by ALISE

Eligibility Criteria

  • The award is open to underrepresented LIS professionals and students whose experiences, research interests and professional goals align with ALISE's diversity principles (see ALISE Diversity Statement).
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are not doctoral LIS students nor hold an LIS PhD.
  • Recipient cannot receive both ALA Spectrum Travel to ALISE Award and this award.

Application Process:

  1. Please describe your background (max. 50 words) in relation to the diversity characteristics outlined in the ALISE Diversity Statement.
  2. Please describe your research or teaching goals related to diversity. (250-300 words)
  3. Please describe how will you benefit from participation in the ALISE Conference. (250-300 words)

Award Submission Instructions
Access the submission form here. After you create a login, click on Award Submission/Nomination at the bottom of the page. In the submission form, please be sure you enter the name(s) of the individual being nominated. List one nominee per line. If there is more than one nominee, use the Org. Index box on the right side to indicate institutional names. The number in the Org. Index box must correspond to the number below it. Prior to uploading documents, be sure to refer to your award’s requirements.

Rating Criteria:

  1. Diversity eligibility
  2. Alignment with Diversity statement 
  3. Does diversity statement indicate impact on diversity within LIS education or research 
  4. Demonstrated commitment to exploring diversity issues 
  5. Understanding of conference
  6. Impact of conference on research/teaching goals 

Previous Winners:
2016 - Shaundra Walker, Georgia College 
2015 - Patrick Sifuentes, Dominican University