ALISE Policy on Endorsement and Joint Sponsorship of Projects and Activities Proposed by Other Agencies


The Association for Library and Information Science Education is the largest, most broadly representative, organization of library and information science educators. Its endorsement or joint sponsorship of research projects, conferences, or other activities could be of considerable importance in the pursuit of funds, participants, or other support for such activities. The Association welcomes opportunities to consider endorsement or joint sponsorship of activities proposed by other organizations and agencies. However, the Association does not lend its name lightly and offers the following guidelines.

  1. The Association normally endorses or jointly sponsors only projects or activities for which it has been involved in the planning phases and which fall within the scope of the Association's objectives.

  1. Organizations and agencies contemplating seeking the Association's involvement in planning and endorsing or jointly sponsoring a project or activity should allot as much lead time as possible, so that the involvement can be considered and carried out by the appropriate groups within the Association.

  1. In certain instances the Association may endorse concepts or needs in general, rather than the specific projects proposed.

  1. The Association requires that organizations or agencies citing its endorsement use the full text of such endorsements, so that any important context or conditions of the endorsement are known to those to whom it is reported.


Adopted by Board of Directors April 26, 1980
Reaffirmed October 14, 1990