Policy on Distribution of Questionnaires or Other Materials to ALISE Members


The Association for Library and Information Science Education welcomes opportunities to assist researchers and others whose projects may be supported by access to ALISE members either at the annual ALISE conference or through the use of the Association's membership list.

The following guidelines are applicable:

  1. Access to the membership as defined above may be granted at no charge to ALISE members; others may be assessed a fee. Permission to access the membership and/or determination of fees to be charged is the joint responsibility of the President and Executive Director of the Association.

  2. The Association requires that individuals or organizations wishing to access the membership allot sufficient lead time (approximately two months) so that permission may be granted or denied in a considered action.

  3. Permission to access membership does not carry with it ALISE endorsement of the projects. Such endorsements should be sought by contacting the President of ALISE.

  4. Because of issues related to free inquiry, the ALISE Board feels it unwise for the Association to assume the responsibility of judging the quality of questionnaires. Member schools are competent to judge the utility of answering questionnaires and the Board recommends that they exercise that judgment.


Approved January 1981 with additions April 1981
Revised and reaffirmed October 14, 1990