Centennial Fund for ALISE


Thanks to your generous contributions, ALISE raised $59,375 for the Centennial Fund! These funds will help the Association for Library and Information Science Education prepare for a vibrant future. Three member-driven strategic initiatives will be supported by the Centennial Fund:

  • Building leadership for the future: Our profession of Library and Information Science is at a leadership crossroad as esteemed scholars, innovative researchers, and engaged teachers “age out.”  Scholarships and professional development opportunities are needed to build future leadership. Funds raised in this campaign will enable our young professionals are to attend conferences, build their nascent research programs, and bring inspiration and enthusiasm to our field. We need your help!

  • Recognizing and rewarding excellence: ALISE awards provide both recognition and incentives, thereby taking our celebration of excellence to another level.  Give enough and we will name an award in your honor. Give more and we will name a program in your honor.

  • Developing a 21st century ALISE  infrastructure: The organizational infrastructure must be improved in order to sustain our association and meet the needs of our 21st century membership: we will support initiatives for virtual meetings and professional development for all our members whether they can travel or not; we can engage our international members who must have state-of-the art communication infrastructures; and we will be able to plan for a vibrant future for ALISE regardless of changes in information and communication technologies and organizational management trends.

School Fundraising Competition

Top Donating Schools of the ALISE Centennial Fund School Competition:

1. Simmons College

2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3. San Jose State University
4. Catholic University of America
5. University of South Carolina
6. Clarion University
7. Drexel University
8. University of Alabama
9. University of Maryland
10. University of Missouri
Last updated January 20, 2016

Thank you, Donors

Without the generous support of our donors, ALISE would not be able to reach each of the goals of the Centennial Campaign. Please join us in recognizing the following individuals and institutions for their contributions to the ALISE Centennial Fund. 

Centennial Leadership Gift
over $3200

Elizabeth Aversa • Michele Cloonan • Anonymous Donor • Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC) • Wilson Foundation • Linda Smith

Leadership Gift 
$500 - $3200

Diane Barlow • George Bobinski • Clara Chu • Eugene Garfield Foundation • Melissa Gross • Samantha Hastings • Suliman Hawandeh • Lynne Howarth • Linda Lillard  Beth Paskoff • Lorna Peterson • Pratt Institute  Jean Preer Louise Robbins  Mei-Mei Wu

Supporting Gift
up to $500

Eileen Abels • Rana Abuzaid • Naresh Agarwal • Anne Akers • Kendra Albright • Susan Alman • Gwen Alexander • Brian Andrew • Tatjana Aparac-Jelusic • Stephen Bajjaly • Anthony Bernier • Nora Bird • Laurie Bonnici • Jenny Bossaller • Lynne Bowker • Leanne Bowler • Robert Boyd • Sarah Buchanan • John Budd • Charles Bunge • Sean Burns • Sabrina Carnesi • Rachel Chance • Youngok Choi • Rhonda Clark • Sheila Corrall • Prudence Dalrymple • Mirah Dow  Sanda Erdelez • Debra Faires • Rachel Fleming-May • T. Zachary Frazier • Mary Ghikas • Kendra Giannini • Elysia Guzik • YooJin Ha • Trudi Hahn • Sylvia Hall-Ellis • Violet Harada • Charles Harmon • Ken Haycock • Sandra Hirsh  Elizabeth Hoiem • Eva Hourihan Jansen • Ingrid Hsieh-Yee • Jill Hurst-Wahl • Christine Jenkins • Mary Jordan • Daniel Joudrey • Heidi Julien • Paulette Kerr • Em Claire Knowles • Bill Kules • Don Latham • June Lester • Xia Lin • Steven MacCall • Lauren Mandel • James Matarazzo •  LaTanya Maxwell • Kathleen de la Pena McCook • Eric Meyers • Barbara Moran • Judy Moreillon • Laura Newman • Karen O'Brien • Patti M. Overall • Ellen Pozzi • Debbie Rabina • Susan Rathbun-Grubb • Susan Roman • Laura Saunders • Linda Schuller • Candy Schwartz • Susan Searing • Timothy Sineath • Daniella Smith • Beth St Jean  Louise Spiteri • Mary Stansbury • Rong Tang • Carol Tilley • Deborah Torres • Jana Varlejs • Andre Vellino • Ann Weeks • Cindy Welch • Teresa Welsh • Andrew Wertheimer • Dietmar Wolfram • JungWon Yoon • Jane Zhang • University of Rhode Island  • University at Buffalo