ALISE / ABC-CLIO Award for Research Excellence in Young Adult Services

Sponsored by ABC-CLIO

The Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), ABC-CLIO and the ALISE Youth Services Special Interest Group (SIG) proudly announce the ALISE/ABC-CLIO Award for Research Excellence in Young Adult Services. The award provides $1,500 and a one year subscription to a database from the ABC-CLIO’s SOLUTIONS research platform to recognize an outstanding paper reporting on research in library services to young adults. Research papers are invited on topics related to young adult services in public libraries including, but not limited to:

  • Information seeking behavior of young adults
  • Resources developed for youth, especially digital
  • Technology innovation
  • Service and program evaluation
  • Policy research
  • The relationship between libraries and other organizations
  • Collection development
  • History of library services to young adults

Award Criteria

  • Papers should not have been previously published, and must include a section on the applicability of the research to practice.
  • Papers will be judged on suitability of content/topic, reporting of innovative research, applicability to practice, and the quality of writing.
  • Authors MUST be personal members of ALISE and members of the ALISE Youth Services SIG. In cases of joint authorship, one honorarium will be awarded for the paper. 
  • Graduate students as well as faculty members are eligible to submit papers. Only one paper per entrant may be submitted for the award. 
  • Authors may not simultaneously submit the same paper to other ALISE competitions or venues, or to non-ALISE publications or venues until the award winner is announced. 
  • Currently-serving awards committee members are not eligible.

Winner Responsibilities

  • The winning author is expected to present a summary of the paper during the ALISE Conference. The paper will be scheduled into one of the ALISE Awards sessions by the conference planning committee. 
  • Winning papers subsequently published should acknowledge having received the ALISE/ABC-CLIO Award for Research Excellence in Young Adult Services.
  • The author(s) of the winning paper must also agree to be interviewed about their research by the editors of ABC-CLIO and agree to have ABC-CLIO publish the interview should the editors, at their discretion, choose to exercise their option to publish the interview.

Submission Requirements

Papers, including title page and abstract (150-word maximum) should be from 7000-8000 words, not including references, should be double-spaced, have one-inch margins, be in 12-point font, and should be paginated in the upper right corner of each page. The paper should be organized as follows:

  • Title page (separate page)
  • Abstract
  • Text
  • References

Committee Membership

All submissions will be subject to double-blind peer review. Papers will be judged by an awards committee comprised of 3 members of the Youth Services SIG, selected by the Immediate Past Chair of the SIG. The committee will be chaired by the Immediate Past Chair, but she/he will not be a voting member of the award committee. The committee reserves the right not to make an award if the submissions are considered to be of insufficient quality. In the event of co-chairs within a SIG, the co-chairs must decide between them who will take primary responsibility. ABC-CLIO may nominate a non-voting member to the committee.