School Representatives

Within all institutional member schools, a representative is named to serve as a direct link between the membership and ALISE's Board of Directors.

Role of School/Program Representatives for ALISE

The ALISE representatives are very important to the overall functioning of ALISE as an organization of voluntary members, and they provide a crucial link between the organization’s administration and its members. The ALISE representatives:

  • Communicate to the faculty of their school/program about ALISE and the organization’s events and initiatives
  • Distribute ALISE membership brochures and other information to faculty and doctoral students
  • Encourage full-time and part-time faculty and doctoral students to support ALISE through membership
  • Promote awareness of the ALISE annual conference and encouraging attendance
  • Promote ALISE awards and encouraging nominations for those awards
  • Work with the ALISE Membership Committee on issues related to membership in ALISE (such as growth, member services etc.)
  • Attend the School Reps breakfast at the ALISE annual conference
  • Provide input/information on membership issues to the ALISE Board and/or the Membership Committee as required
  • Identify potential committee members for ALISE committees
  • Participate in ALISE special initiatives as required

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