Predicting Sustainability for Programs in Library and Information Science


These sixteen criteria form the foundation for a program's continuance and sustainability in its parent institution:

  1. The academic unit reflects the mission and goals of the parent institution yet has a strong sense of self and of its mission; the academic and strategic planning process is consistent with the processes of the parent institution.

  2. Faculty are represented on university-wide committees and task forces.

  3. There is open communication with university administrators; senior administrators are aware of the program's goals and accomplishments and acknowledge th the program and its graduates on appropriate occasions.

  4. The program offers a cohesive curriculum reflecting a disciplinary and distinctive body of knowledge. The curriculum is demonstrably at the graduate level in intellectual depth and requirements.

  5. Faculty reflect current educational practice and philosophies.

  6. Faculty demonstrate their scholarship and attract external research funding at least to the same extent as similar units on campus.

  7. Faculty are connected with other scholars and other units on campus.

  8. Faculty and student numbers in the overall administrative unit meet a campus-determined critical mass.

  9. Faculty renewal advances the program and fills tenure-track salary lines.

  10. The program is reasonably well supported financially, to the extent that it is able to realize its academic goals and strategic plan.

  11. Faculty are visible at state/provincial and national conferences.

  12. The program is well connected with alumni and the professional community.

  13. The program raises funds to the same extent as similar units on campus.

  14. Students find professional employment within a reasonable period of time.

  15. The program is led by a visionary and diplomatic advocate for graduate education and professional education.

  16. The program receives full accreditation.

Excerpted with permission from Haycock, K. (2010) Predicting sustainability for programs in Library and Information Science: Factors influencing continuance and discontinuance. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 51(3), 130-141.