The Association for Library and Information Science Education invites proposals for a data manager to oversee the transition of the ALISE Statistical Report from a print publication to a dynamic Web database. Qualified individuals from schools, colleges, and departments of library and information science at ALISE member institutions may apply. The term is three years, renewable for a period of three additional years, commencing September 1, 2008. The data manager’s responsibilities will commence with the production of the 2008 report, which covers data collected in December 2007.

The ALISE Statistical Report is an annual publication of statistical information about library and information science education. All ALA-accredited programs are required to submit data regarding faculty, students, curriculum, income, expenses and continuing education each year.  In the past, this information has been submitted electronically by each program and then compiled into tables, with textual summaries prepared for each category of data (e.g. students, faculty, curriculum etc.). The report has been published in an edition of 115 printed copies, distributed to institutional members of ALISE and sold to non-members. In recent years, the tables and texts have also been made accessible to ALISE members through a link from the ALISE website. 

In 2007, a survey of ALISE members and other interested parties was conducted. The findings of that survey indicated that members strongly prefer that the statistical report move to a database format, so that member institutions can enter their annual data directly, and can also manipulate the final aggregated data for their own needs. Accordingly, a new database format and associated specifications need to be designed, revised processes for submission of data need to be developed, and consideration must be given as to what form of reporting will be provided (e.g., select, standard tables for particular topics? some narrative trends analysis?). The new database will be housed and maintained by the ALISE management company, working closely with the newly appointed manager.


Manager’s Qualifications
Qualifications for the data manager include: experience in program or project administration; statistical expertise; editorial expertise; contacts with stakeholders in LIS education; awareness of the issues facing the profession; and, a vision for the future of the profession. Knowledge of database design and development is essential. The capability of handling various tasks electronically is mandatory, as the data collection and synthesis processes require communications expedited via e-mail.

Sponsoring Institution’s Commitment and Capability
The institution’s commitment includes providing time and other resources to the manager to carry out his or her responsibilities. Typically, this includes course release time for the data manager and adequate funds for travel to the annual ALISE conference to meet with the Board and key stakeholders. ALISE will provide an honorarium to the manager of $10,000 per year, to cover clerical support and administrative expenses. ALISE understands that there are potential extra costs for the development of the database; these expenses are negotiable. 
Reporting to the ALISE Board, and working under the ALISE Publications Coordinating Committee (PCC), the ALISE Statistical Data Manager will be responsible for editorial development and oversight of the ALISE statistical data. This includes:
(1) defining the format and content of the database, based on user needs and preferences;
(2) hiring and working with a database developer to construct an appropriate platform;
(2) ensuring that the annual call for data submission goes out in a timely and consistent manner;
(3) ensuring that the data are accurately and consistently reported by all LIS programs;
(4) resolving any issues with data submission, formatting, access, etc.;
(5) consulting with the ALISE Board (via the PCC) regarding any policy or other issues/changes related to reporting of ALISE statistical data;
(6) making recommendations to the ALISE Board (via the PCC) about the need for or viability of statistical report products, such as printed reports, CDs, etc. for distribution and sale;
(7) submitting quarterly reports to the ALISE Board (via the PCC) regarding significant activities from the previous quarter, goals for the upcoming quarter, policy recommendations, and other matters upon request;
(8) providing guidance to the ALISE management company in administering and maintaining the database;
(9) working closely with the ALA Office of Accreditation to resolve any issues or concerns
         relating to the statistical report contents, timing or other aspects; and,
(10) performing trends analyses and making recommendations about the future development and improvement of the ALISE statistics process and reporting activities.
Upon selection, the manager will be expected to attend the ALISE annual conference to meet with the ALISE Publications Coordinating Committee, beginning in January 2009 (Denver, Colorado).


Institutional and Managerial Vision
Explain the mission of your school, college, or department of library and information science and describe how your role as manager will fit with its mission and approach. Describe your vision for the ALISE statistical database and how that vision relates to or is expressed through your research, practice, and vision for LIS education.

Managerial Qualifications
Detail your professional qualifications, including project management experience, editing experience, facility with web database technology, statistical research experience, and professional service contributions;
Discuss your vision of the role of statistical information in LIS education;
Include any material which demonstrates your understanding of and/or facility with statistical data (e.g., a scholarly article that includes statistical or trends analysis for which you are primary author or an institutional statistical report which you had a role in producing);
Provide two letters of recommendation discussing your capabilities, qualifications and achievements;
Provide curriculum vitae.

Institutional Capacity and Commitment
Describe your institution’s plans to provide: office space; computer, software, phone, fax, and other equipment; clerical and/or technical assistance; travel funding; and, any other arrangements to support your work as data manager;
Describe your institutional responsibilities, currently, and if selected as ALISE Statistical Data Manager, including release time to be provided;
3.   Provide a letter of commitment from your institution, detailing their commitment plans.
The proposal should not exceed 12 typed pages (1-inch margins all around, 12-point Times Roman font) (excluding curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, letter of commitment from your institution, and other materials). Each page must be numbered and have the applicant’s name as a header. Email your complete proposal package to the address listed below in this RFP.

To meet preliminary screening criteria, all proposals must address and contain the following:
Managerial qualifications;
Curriculum vitae;
Letters of recommendation;
Managerial vision, structure and support;
Institutional capacity and commitment, including letter of support from the institution.
Only those proposals that meet the preliminary screening criteria will be reviewed. The ALISE Board of Directors will make the final selection.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is August 1, 2008, 5:00 p.m. (CT). Proposals will be reviewed as they are submitted. Submitting your proposal before the deadline is highly recommended, as it will afford the reviewers additional time to thoroughly review and consider proposals in advance. The selection will be announced September 1, 2008.

Kathleen Combs, ALISE Executive Director