The ALISE Service Award


Service Award Ballot (PDF)
Previous Winners


Winners will receive one complimentary registration to the ALISE annual conference


CRITERIA include:

  • Candidate should be a current member of ALISE (required to establish eligibility for award)
  • Evidence of regular and sustained service to ALISE through the holding of various offices and positions within the organization or fulfilling specific responsibilities for the organization (35 points)
  • Participation in activities which have enhanced the stature, reputation, and overall strength of ALISE (35 points)
  • Representation of ALISE to other appropriate organizations, institutions, or governmental agencies (30 points)

Nominations should consist of:

  • A Nomination Letter (electronically or in hard copy) describing the ways in which the nominee fulfills the criteria above, accompanied by


  • Appropriate Supporting Documentation, e.g., letters of support that address the criteria listed above; evidence that demonstrates how the nominee meets the criteria, such as a CV of the nominee or a description of his/her appropriate activities and contributions.


The Committee may solicit more information, if necessary.


Papers must be received no later than September 22, 2014. They should be emailed as an attachment in Word format to:

Susan Rathbun-Grubb
University of South Carolina

Chair, ALISE Service Award

Previous Recipients:

2014 - Sharon McQueen

2013 - Lorna Peterson

2012 - Linda C. Smith

2011 - Michele Cloonan

2010 - Connie Van Fleet

2009 - No award given

2008 - Ken Haycock

2007 - Toni Carbo

2006 - Elizabeth S. Aversa

2005 - Louise S. Robbins

2004 - No award given

2003 - No award given

2002 - Charles Curran

2001 - Shirley Fitzgibbons

2000 - Evelyn Daniel

1999 - June Lester

1998 - Janet Phillips

1997 - Adele M. Fasick and Phyllis J. Van Orden

1996 - No award given

1995 - Rosemary Du Mont

1994 - No award given

1993 - John N. Berry, III

1992 - Timothy W. Sineath

1991 - No award given

1990 - Norman Horrocks

1989 - F. William Summers

1988 - Mohammed Aman

1987 - Robert Stueart