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  1. Final paper title:  Joint ventures:  Hoping for the best, or can this be taught?
  2. Final Abstract (500 words max):



The results of a comprehensive survey by the National Endowment for the Arts (2004) of American literary reading indicate that for the first time in this country’s history, less than half of the adult population reads literature. This finding could foretell a bleak future for America’s libraries unless we face this dilemma by seeking opportunities to expand our patron base.  In addition, members of the Millennial generation who were born between the years 1980 and 1994, are more likely to google for information than search a library-sanctioned database. Strategic alliances could be one way to increase the library’s base within a community. Several advantages of these alliances, also called partnerships, are access to difficult-to-reach parts of the community, development of a positive community image, and access to specialized knowledge of potential partners. 


The questions to be discussed are “Should library schools prepare students to partner?  If so, what would this curriculum look like?”




  1. Mini-abstract (30 words max):



As fewer people read for pleasure and the Millennials  turn to Google and bookstores to meet their information needs, how can libraries be strengthened through partnering?   



  1. Moderator:    Jami L. Jones, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

East Carolina University

1105 Joyner Library

Greenville, NC 27858

[email protected]



     Presenters:           Barry Trott

                              Adult Services Director

                              Williamsburg Regional Library

                              7770 Croaker Road

                              Williamsburg, VA 23188

                              [email protected]



                              Gina Macaluso

                              Coordinator of Youth Services

                              Pima County Public Library

                              101 N. Stone Avenue

                              Tucson, AZ 85701

                              [email protected]



                  Gail Bush, Ph.D.

Professor and Director, Center for Teaching through Children’s Books

National-Louis University

5202 Old Orchard Road

Suite 300

Skokie, IL 600066

[email protected]



James Elmborg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

School of Library and Information Science

University of Iowa

3087 Main Library

Iowa City, IA 52242

[email protected]





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