ALISE Annual Conference Official Program
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Our Audience

ALISE has members around the globe. Our members are well-educated and tech-savvy professionals—leaders in the library and information science education profession. They rely on ALISE to keep up with professional trends, maintain professional contacts, and help make purchasing decisions. Our members not only make purchasing decisions for their own universities, but they touch every librarian that enters the work force thus influencing their vendor knowledge. From deans to faculty, administrators to doctoral students, your message will reach select, qualified library and information science educators.

At the ALISE Conference, members focus on the latest research, technology, and offerings available for faculty, staff, students and librarians worldwide.

Your ALISE Annual Conference program ad will reach approximately 500 attendees and their colleagues.

Conference Program Advertising Rates

Color Ad Rates

Full-Page Inside Cover, Inside Back Cover, Outside Back Cover: $1,100

Inside Full-Page (non-cover): $1,000

Inside Half-Page (non-cover): $800

Black and White Rates

Inside Full-Page (8"x 10.5"): $800

Inside Half-Page (8' x 5"): $600


Space Reservation: December 2

Artwork closing date: December 9

Online ad sales are now closed and the ALISE 2015 conference program is in production. We hope that you will be able to advertise with ALISE in 2016!

NOTE: ALISE Institutional, International Affiliate Institutional, and Associate Institutional Members receive a 10% discount on ALISE Conference Program Advertising.  To receive this discount, please log in to the form using your ALISE institutional member username and password.

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